A Giant Uncovered

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A 9 foot, 8 inch tall skeleton was uncovered in 1879 from a stone burial mound located in Brewersville, Indiana. Found with the giant was a mica necklace around the neck, and a human image on burnt clay embedded with pieces of flint in which stood at the feet. The…

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Native American Astrology

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Native Astrology The Medicine Wheel The Native Americans and many other groups have held the connection between nature, man, and animals as sacred. In these cultures, the medicine wheel is a representation for many spiritual ideas. The Medicine Wheel in Native American ceremonies is meant to guide with the intention…

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The Zodiac Signs

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Astrology: The Zodiac Signs “Astrology is an ancient practice which is a combination of art and science, as it is both intuitive and technical. Based on the observation of the cosmos around us, it measures the energy influencing Earth and it’s inhabitants” (The Ancient Science of Astrology, 2015). Your zodiac…

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Planting Perennials

Perennials Perennials are a category of flowers/plants that include plants such as hostas, daylilies, daisies, and much more. Perennials are the flowers that bloom year after year. These plants do require some knowledge of the plants’ necessary growing conditions but overall require minimum care. The following content are just a few examples of perennials. Daylily […]

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