Middle Archaic Period

The Middle Archaic People

The Middle Archaic people of North America witnessed a warming climate and began establishing longer lasting settlements that were mostly found along major water ways. There’s evidence of ceremonial rituals, human and dog burials, the harvesting of crops, trash pits, and stoned lined fire-pits

The tool techniques used during this time went on to be used into the Late Archaic period. Mortars and pestles, grooved axes, spear thrower weights, and side notched points are all apparent.



Early People’s of Indiana (p. 6)

Looking at Prehistory: Middle Archaic Period

Archaic Period from PA University


Early Archaic Period

The Early Archaic Peoples of North America

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Archaeological Time: Prehistory Human prehistory is the period of the first stone tools and the invention of writing systems used by hominins approximately 3.3 million years ago. The Mesolithic era describes the cultures between the Paleolithic and the Neolithic Periods. The use of small stone tools and retouched stone blades are the key factor in identifying […]

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