Early Archaic Period

The Early Archaic People

Early Archaic sites are found in a good number of environmental settings in Indiana. Signifying that there was a population increase since the paleolithic era due to environmental factors, climate change, and diversification much like the environmental situations we deal with today.

Early Archaic peoples were using resources during this time and lived as hunter-gatherers and nomads. An increased use of tools and the use of a spear thrower (an atlatl) is apparent. Hafting techniques during this time include notching and bifurcated bases of spear points and knives. The people during this time processed wild plant resources with the use of grinding and pitted stones.

Image result for early archaic stone tools
Ancient Resource: Ancient Native American Artifacts for Sale

Early Peoples of Indiana (p. 5)

Early ARCHAIC Projectile Point Types:

  • Thebes
  • St. Charles
  • Big Sandy Side-Notched
  • Kirk
  • MacCorkle
  • St. Albans
  • LeRoi
  • Kanawha



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