An American Legend

Annie Oakley

My ex-boyfriend and I went to his mom and dad’s house to work on a window air conditioner one Friday afternoon. After taking the unit out of the window, his mom asked if anybody had a knife to remove the insulation from around the window frame. I happened to be carrying a razor knife with me and offered it to her. She turned to her husband as he was in the midst of rummaging for a knife and said, “It’s okay; Annie Oakley has it covered.”

Upon that statement, I did some research and found that Phoebe Ann Moses, aka, Annie Oakley was a western folk hero and an American legend.

Annie Oakley, born on August 13, 1860, was a remarkable woman who lived an adventurous life. She was a champion shooter and a star of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. Throughout her career, Oakley maintained her respectability by revealing that she was far superior to most men on the shooting range.

Furthermore, in 1884, the Sioux spiritual leader Sitting Bull, who had defeated Custer at the Battle of Little Bighorn, saw a show that Annie was in. He asked to meet with her after the show and so they did. Annie gave him a signed photograph of herself and Sitting Bull gave her the moccasins he had worn at the Battle of Little Bighorn and the nickname “Little Sure Shot.”

Annie Oakley died on November 3, 1926, at age 66. Her legend carries on today through history books, and museums as well as on the stage and through television.

I believe that Annie Oakley is a legendary folk hero due to the stories told of her accomplishments. Oakley’s stories are testimonies of truth that are based primarily on recent events of the past.

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