A Giant Uncovered

A 9 foot, 8 inch tall skeleton was uncovered in 1879 from a stone burial mound located in Brewersville, Indiana. Found with the giant was a mica necklace around the neck, and a human image on burnt clay embedded with pieces of flint in which stood at the feet.

The 3-5 ft. tall stone mound, was excavated by Indiana archaeologists, scientific observers, a local physician, Dr. Charles Green, and the owner of the property, Mr. Robison.

The bones were ultimately kept by the Robison family in a basket in a nearby grain mill. However, in 1937 the bones were lost when a flood swept the mill away. All that remains is a depression in the ground where the giant was initially uncovered.

Much of the scientific world has dismissed these findings. What are your thoughts?


9 Foot Skeleton – Brewersville, Indiana (December 11, 2011). Great Ancestors. Retrieved from http://greaterancestors.com/9-foot-skeleton-brewersville-indiana/

One thought on “A Giant Uncovered

  1. Science sweeps everything under the rug that is evidence for the true history of this world. A lot of the giants that have been found have been found here in the Americas, but they have been found all over the world. They all have ties to the megaliths in our ancient past. Great post.

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